"Since Dr. Janna Magette first began working with our Head Coaches and me two years ago and most recently with our entire department, I have seen our Bulldogs adopt and embrace trust, transparency, and accountability as our core values.  We are daily putting into practice many of the communication and leadership concepts and skills that Janna has taught us. Go Lead Follow Training has truly helped us become better Champions and Leaders for our department, university, and community."

- Janet Cone

 Athletic Director

University of North Carolina-Asheville

"Janna (Dr. Magette) came to Mercer to work with our team that was comprised of only freshmen and sophomores. I was concerned about who our leaders were going to be for the season. Janna introduced our team to being great followers and it was a very creative twist to what I am usually concerned about..... Who will lead?  Our players loved their time with Janna and we grew as a program. Since Janna both played and coached on the college level, she gets what players and coaches need to reach our highest potential.

- Susie Gardner 

Head Coach

Mercer University

"One of the biggest factors in molding and shaping our team culture was undoubtedly our time spent with Dr. Magette. She taught our team how to genuinely trust one another through activities that exposed our vulnerabilities. We were able to see each other's vulnerabilities, which helped us become more trusting and accepting teammates and friends.”

- Alex Henning

Senior Guard

Ashland University

"Dr. Magette is incredible. She was a difference maker in our team being able to win a national championship. She created vulnerability, authenticity and set the tone for genuine connectedness in our team. I cannot thank her enough for what she brought to our program. The team loved her and we were better because of her. We will continue to use her!"

- Robyn Fralick

Head Coach

Bowling Green State University

2017 Division II National Champions, Ashland University

"Dr. Magette is simply a master of team building. Her program not only helped our NCAA tournament team come together as a unit, but also helped me grow as a coach. She will challenge your leaders and create new ones. If you are serious about building a championship culture then you better join the Go, Follow, Lead movement.”

- Bill Ferrara

Assistant Coach, University of New Mexico at the time

Associate Head Coach, Florida State, currently

"Janna has a way of breaking apart complex issues using creating and interactive methods.  She helped our team find opportunities for growth.”

- Shimmy Gray Miller

Assistant Coach, Texas Tech at the time

University of Minnesota, currently


"GoFollowLead helped my team identify their individual leadership strengths while empowering them to operate and collaborate at a high level, not in spite of their difference, but because of them."

-Kristin Krueger
Claims Manager
Sedgwick CMS

"Janna received high marks from our Leadership Empowerment Program (LEP) with her interactive, insightful presentation. LEP brings diverse faculty and staff together for a year-long intensive on leadership and communication topics. Janna’s sessions engaged the class and pushed them to new perspectives on leadership and career development."

-Karen Morrison 

Chief Diversity Officer

University of Central Florida